Mini Nubian Goats

Maypop Bend Miniature Nubians (MDGA)


October  2016


Here we are in the middle of breeding season (no longer think in terms of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter!) and this year is the one I have been "waiting" for because I am so excitied about the quality of mini's that we have worked so long and hard to develop.

The breeding plan consists of two purebred nubian does who promise excellent udder attachment, large milk volumn, award winning confirmation and sweet milk to their offspring. Please click on the "Does" page to get a backgoround on these two wonderful girls.

Our mini nubian girls are absolutely beautiful and for three of them this will be their 1st breeding season, they were bred and born on our farm so it will be rewarding to have them kid in the spring.  Our F1s have beautiful nubian noses and long gorgeous ears!

Our 3 bucks come from Green Gables, Counting Mini Blessings and Daystar bloodlines which provide proven milk production.  Please check out our "Buck" page.

Our entire herd came back CAE/CL and JOHNES negative and a copy of the results will be provided when all sales are final.

Our bucks are G6S normal.

Lisa Whorton

Maypop Bend






Welcome to Maypop Bend!

We are a small farm located in the south central part of Oklahoma. Our goat herd consists of two ADGA Nubian does and three MDGA miniature Nubian does. Our two MDGA miniature Nubian bucks are quite colorful and finish out our small herd nicely. Our goats are enjoyable to be around, fun, friendly and add lots of color to the rolling countryside. We focus on breeding quality miniature milk goats which will procuce a quantity of enjoyable milk, for drinking, making cheese and even soap.  I fortunately was introduced to miniature goats due to an unfortunate equestrian accident.  After I recovered and sold my horses I felt lost without having some outdoor livestock to tend and then my husband said "You should get some goats".  Here I am today, 5 years later, surrounded by friendly and loving goats and the opportunities to meet some wonderful folks who share in the joy of these beautiful animals.

Along with our goats we have four wonderful lifeguard dogs who protect the herd 24/7.  My husband raises chickens for their eggs and has a few "pet" cows, along with our guard donkey "Clyde", to round out our little farm!